Maxwell’s vision is to continually develop the organization and each other to provide proactive insight to the changing needs of our customers.

We will accomplish this by understanding how their business evolves, delivering effective services that differentiate us and adding diverse value in any market.


We provide the commercial real estate industry a dependable, high-quality construction experience that ensures customer success, leads to a secure future for our people, and contributes to the economic health of the communities in which we work.

Core values


Our leadership is based on integrity which comes from our adherence to strong moral and ethical principles. We are innovative and authentic.


We are dedicated to our customers. Our people work as an organized team and apply a relentless work ethic towards quality relationships.


Our business partners find us to be dependable and proactively focused on mutual success.


We are passionate about being fair with each other. Our culture is centered in empathy and thrives on mutual respect and the long term success of the company.



We believe that versatile expertise is the exception not the rule in our industry. Building relationships with lasting value is a two way street. The old way of thinking is for the owner to keep construction companies at arm’s length and limit the exchange of information when selecting a construction company for a project. We think this is a flawed process that can create problems for the owner.

A Brand Promise is not a marketing slogan, logo, tag-line or a web site. A Brand Promise is a strategic differentiator that is the single most important variable in building value for the owner and the entire project team. At Maxwell Builders our promise to you is to be a versatile expert in the built environment. We are determined to deliver this promise on every project and we focus on always developing our company with it as a beacon.

The Brand Promise has to generate specific benefits for the owner. We have an interactive process in which we engage with our owners to help determine what would constitute an enjoyable construction experience. This process allows us to create the experience but just as important deliver a very powerful set of specific benefits to our owners.