Lonia Maxwell

Lonia Maxwell

From 1976 until 1979 Lonia started her career as a Telegrapher, Train Crew Dispatch, with the Chicago Northwestern Railroad in Green Bay, WI.  In 1979 Lonia moved to Denver, and began working with the Denver Rio Grande Railroad as a Telegrapher.  In 1985 with a downturn in the railroad industry, Lonia and Dave Maxwell decided to start a construction company, initially known as Maxwell’s House Construction. Lonia was responsible for budget management, marketing, and many of the day to day operations of Maxwell.

In 1991, Lonia stepped out of the day to day operations to shift her attention to their family.  Lonia decided to take a further step back in 1997 when she was diagnosed with Cancer.  Although the diagnosis was difficult, Lonia persisted, regained her health and was able to resume her role in helping lead Maxwell’s team. Today Lonia serves as President and 51% owner of Maxwell Builders, Inc.

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